Conservator working on the lid of Muthotep

How your money helps

2019 Members appeal

The support you provide to The British 亿博体育app Friends is vital.

Last year Membership activities made a contribution of more than ?4 million to the work of the 亿博体育app. Thank you.

Preserving the collection

Thanks to the generosity of our Members, we have now exceeded our goal of raising ?100,000 towards vital conservation projects at the 亿博体育app in our 2019 Members' appeal.

With the support of Members of the British 亿博体育app Friends, objects such as the Lewis Chessmen, Great Court totem poles, and the British 亿博体育app's pre-Columbian Andean textile collection will receive vital conservation work. This work will enable our dedicated conservation team to preserve the collection for future generations to study and enjoy. These treatments and scientific research will help to provide further insight into the stories of these iconic objects. The results of your support will be visible to visitors for future generations.

Every object in the British 亿博体育app, including those you see on display, is cared for by a dedicated team of conservators. They work to preserve and investigate over 8 million objects, leading and supporting the latest scientific and academic research into the collection. Conservation is often a hidden side of 亿博体育app work, however, it's vital to the health of the overall collection. Treatments frequently help to uncover hidden stories and offer new insight into these precious objects.

You can still donate online?or by calling the Membership team on +44 (0)20 7323 8195.

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