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The British 亿博体育app Press
British 亿博体育app
Great Russell Street
London WC1B 3DG

The 亿博体育app produces a range of publications that showcase the scope and depth of research it undertakes.

From award-winning illustrated exhibition catalogues to academic monographs, the 亿博体育app publishes a wide variety of titles that cater for both academics and general readers. All titles are inspired by the 亿博体育app's collection, presenting new insights into both familiar and unknown objects and periods of history.

The 亿博体育app also offers a number of free online academic publications, including a range of titles within the 亿博体育app's Research Publications series, Online Research Catalogues and the journal British 亿博体育app Studies in Ancient Egypt and Sudan. These online publications are a way of disseminating the 亿博体育app's research as widely as possible and ensuring that the titles are easily accessible to students and academics all over the world.

All?titles are available for purchase from the 亿博体育app bookshop?and from our?.