Hugo Chapman (left) and Sushma Jansari (right) with Nick Kendall (centre) sitting at a table

The British 亿博体育app podcast

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The British 亿博体育app podcast delves into every aspect of the 亿博体育app, from archives to Egyptian black goo, from conservation to Doctor Who, in Bloomsbury and beyond.

Every month?Sushma?Jansari, Curator of South Asia, and?Hugo Chapman, Keeper of Prints and Drawings, chat with?colleagues to bring out the history, research and idiosyncrasies of the 亿博体育app.?

We also visit the archives with?Senior Archivist Francesca Hillier and podcast producer Sian Toogood. In each episode, hear the fascinating and little known stories behind objects from the 亿博体育app's collection.

International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition


Hartwig Fischer and Sushma Jansari are joined by guests Olivette Otele and Bonnie Greer. They discuss the legacies of slavery, its impact on today’s society, and how museums should respond to these histories both now and in the future.

The 亿博体育app Podcast Special: Sir Hans Sloane


Guests Miranda Lowe and James Delbourgo join Hartwig Fischer and Sushma Jansari to explore the life, legacy and collection of Sir?Hans Sloane. They examine the role of slavery and enslaved people in his collecting practices and consider how museums should respond to these histories.

The 亿博体育app podcast #16: Ice cream, olive oil and the Phrygian Sibyl


This month we're talking food history and Renaissance art.?Food historian Tasha Marks?delves into the history of ice cream, curator Jamie Fraser talks about?olive oil in ancient Levant, and Hugo Chapman marks?the 500th anniversary of?Raphael’s?death.?

The 亿博体育app podcast #15: The inevitable coronavirus episode


Leonora Baird Smith explains collection care in lockdown. Dr Janina Ramirez talks about scripting her love letter to the 亿博体育app for BBC4, and Clive Gamble examines how humans became a global species using objects to stay connected over long distances.

The 亿博体育app podcast #14: Venetian maps and volunteers

May 2020

Hugo, Sushma (pre-furlough) and Sian chat about life in lockdown. Curator Sarah Vowles gives an in-depth insight into the monumental Barbari map of Venice and volunteer Mariu Huriaga talks about 20 years of giving tours at the 亿博体育app.

The 亿博体育app podcast #13: All about accessibility

Apr 2020

This episode sees the 亿博体育app closed for the first time since the war, however, we soldier on.?Hugo and Sushma look at an area of work that is dear to all of our hearts: equality and diversity. ?

The 亿博体育app podcast #12: WOMEN!

Mar 2020

Hugo chats with archaeologist Alexandra (AKA Sally) Fletcher and in the archives, Sian and Francesca discuss some of the earliest female?scholars, as well as a libel case?involving?Victoria Woodhull who ran for the American Presidency in 1872.??

The 亿博体育app podcast #11: LGBTQ histories, stone tools and the 亿博体育app rifle club

Feb 2020

Stuart Frost – Head of Interpretation and Volunteers – discusses how we create narratives around the collection and how volunteers are vital in supporting the 亿博体育app. In the archives, Francesca and Sian look at the history of the 亿博体育app’s clubs and societies.

The 亿博体育app podcast special: Women of Troy

Jan 2020

Alexandra Villing, curator of the BP exhibition Troy: myth and reality talks with classicist Natalie Haynes about the wives, mothers, seers, queens, and goddesses at the heart of the Trojan myth.

The 亿博体育app podcast #10: Happy New Year!

Jan 2020

Hugo and Sushma kick off 2020 with an interview with the 亿博体育app’s director, Hartwig Fischer. In the archives, Francesca and Sian take a look at the history of the Hirayama Paper conservation studio.?

The 亿博体育app podcast Christmas special: 12 objects for Christmas

Dec 2019

From us to you, a very British 亿博体育app Christmas gift: we invited twelve colleagues across the 亿博体育app to tell us about their favourite objects and gathered their responses into a special Christmas compendium.?

The 亿博体育app podcast #9: Season’s greetings from the British 亿博体育app

Dec 2019

We are serving an array of festive delights, Sushma talks to Tim Clarke, Head of the Japanese Section as he reviews four decades at the 亿博体育app, Francesca and Sian head to the archives to peruse Christmas cards from the 30s.?

The 亿博体育app podcast #8: A is for Amazon, B is for blueprints, C is for communism

Nov 2019

Hugo and Sushma interview Laura Osorio Sunnucks about the Santo Domingo Centre of Excellence for Latin American Research. In the Money gallery, Tom Hockenhull introduces a communist poster, and Francesca and Sian review blueprints in the archives.?

The 亿博体育app podcast #7: Innovative exhibitions, international gold and noisy children

Oct 2019

Hugo and Sushma discuss how we reflect what is happening in the world today in the changing displays of Room 3. In the archives, Francesca and Sian chart the history of children’s visits to the 亿博体育app.?

The 亿博体育app podcast #6: X-rays and pioneering women


Hugo and Sushma leave the cosy confines of the office and head into the basements to meet with Dan O’Flynn and his X-ray machine. Francesca and Sian scour the Trustees’ minutes to talk ‘modesty boards’ and the 亿博体育app’s first female curator. ?

The 亿博体育app podcast #5: Trainees, travel and Tutankhamun


Hugo and Sushma find out more about the 亿博体育app Futures traineeship and Francesca and Sian dig into the archives to tell us about the 亿博体育app’s most-visited exhibition of all time (over 1.6 million visitors)–the 1972 show on Tutankhamun.

The 亿博体育app podcast # 4: The balmy heights of July


Hugo and Sushma interview Head of the PAS Michael Lewis. Jenny Ramkalawon examines how artists have subverted the humble postcard and Francesca and Sian raid the archives to find out how Hitchcock shot the epic final scene of Blackmail (1929).?

The 亿博体育app podcast #3: The story of Sutton Hoo


We commemorate the excavation of Sutton Hoo with an interview with curator Sue Brunning and a trip to the archives. Sushma takes a tour of 'Reimagining Captain Cook: Pacific perspectives' with the show's curator Julie Adams. ?

The 亿博体育app podcast #2: Dirty dishes, poison and black goo

May 2019

Kate Fulcher discusses her research into ancient Egyptian coffin residue – otherwise known as ‘black goo’ – and Leonora Baird-Smith delves into the complex world of collections care. Francesca and Sian examine some unexpected finds from the archives relating to Montague House.

The 亿博体育app podcast #1: Buckets of the British 亿博体育app

Apr 2019

Hugo and Sushma chat with Ceri Ashley about the Endangered Material Knowledge Project and with Nick Kendall one of the longest-serving members of staff. Francesca introduces the archive and curator Julia Farley speaks about the Aylesford Bucket.?