Poetry is meant to give a little glimpse, of the author, of life, of love, of loss. In his freshman collection, Neithan Levi touches on each of these. He pours his emotion into each piece. The book is divided into three sections. We start with Grey Skies, moments of sadness and lessons learned. On page 11, Levi tells us how it feels to trust and be betrayed. Later, on page 19, he explains what it’s like to be with someone that is never fully with you in return. While the words are simple, the thought is profound.

After Grey Skies comes Brain Fog, a section of stories and rambling prose. I found this section to be fascinatingly introspective, as if Levi wrote it down as memos to himself, then decided to share it with us. I like the little glimpse of the poet behind the words. I especially love page 39:

because underneath everything, this is exactly who we are: human.

In Letters to the Women in My Life, Levi writes little notes to those who’ve touched his life in someway, both negative and positive. You can see him still holding on to small things. I think as we grow, people affect us differently. He’s still young, and he’ll find inspiration in many more.

I have to say, that of all the words included, my favorite comes from the back cover:

For me, I want to read a poet with heart. And Mr Levi certainly has that. 4 stars.

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