Reviews are of course our opinion and we’d love to hear what you thought about the book as well. If you reviewed it, please leave a link in the comments so our readers can get additional points of views. I believe every author works hard and pours their heart into a book. Whether I loved it or it wasn’t for me, the reviews on here will show the respect deserved to those who make the attempt to share their stories with us. Please see our Goodreads site for upcoming reviews.

Stars are listed as 3, 4, or 5. If we didn’t like a book (2 stars or less) or it was a DNF it will not be listed in this blog. This is only because I do not want a negative blog and I believe publicity is publicity whether it’s good or bad. Publicizing books we didn’t like is not valuable to our time with so many other books to read and review.

An explanation of the kink level is below.

1 = Innocent books (no sex to implied sex)
2 = Sexual situations to some sex but few details
3 = Sex with details
4 = Sex with graphic details
5 = Graphic hot kinky erotic extremely detailed sex

In the rare case that it is above a level 5 we will request you contact the local fire department to be on stand-by for when your panties catch on fire!

These are the ratings determined by the reviewer so what may be a 5 to one reviewer may be a 3 for the other. Read our reviews and get to know us a bit to judge for yourself. Due to the erotic nature of some of the books we review, we will mention the type of kink you will find in those more erotic books.


Ladies of Sin

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Hey y’all, this is Jess. I’m here with a few friends who, like me, love books and their authors. This blog has been a long time coming but finally it’s here to share with all of you my fellow bibliophiles. I am a romance lover of all heat levels and genre. Cowboys are hot, tattoos are hotter, combine them with an Alpha male and I’m a goner. Vamps, werewolves, angels, and demons are all invited. I love an innocent no sex book, to the kinkiest of kinks. I have no in between and nothing scares me off. Well…..except cliffies I get stabby with those so BEWARE!

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Heya, my name is Jacqui, I live in a quiet coastal town in sunny South Africa, and besides reading, which I love, I cannot live without music and my family. My reading tastes are pretty diverse, anything from angsty romance, urban fantasy, to spine chilling thrillers. So bring on the broody rockers, the alpha MC Presidents and deadly bloodthirsty preternatural creatures and let the games begin.

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Hey there, I’m Diana. I am a Bookworm and Cockboy fan. I love to read erotica, romance of any type. M/M – Straight I don’t care as long as it’s hot. I also do audibles so look for some of those reviews on here as well. Grab a drink, pull up a chair and let me tell about some of the books I love. Proud #UCC girl.

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Hi there, I’m Ash. I’m a Book & Music junkie. Sarcastic southern smartass. Been told, and I agree, I am blunt. I happen to also be an awesome drink expert. Making up sinful and innocent drinks for your taste buds to enjoy. Grab a book and a recipe to enjoy your evening. So, what’s your poison?

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